At Awakening Women,

we take a stand for a conscious way of being together as women:
in celebration, empowerment, and true sisterhood.

We hold ourselves to the Awakening Women Sisterhood Manifesto,

a set of agreements we practice with ourselves and witheach other.

The Sisterhood Manifesto is the foundation for the way we practice in our circles and
move in the world, and we ask all women in our global community to read and practice
these agreements. From this place of conscious sisterhood, we can create a women’s
culture that is aligned with what our hearts know is possible.

Sisterhood among women has been wounded by the collective shadow habits of the feminine.

Mistrust, comparison, judgment, gossip, and keeping each other small to fit in

become the default way to connect unless we consciously create a new way of being together.

Our relationship to other women is a direct reflection of our relationship to our own
feminine essence and to the feminine in all of life. A doorway to restoring a relationship
of trust and celebration to our inner feminine and to the feminine principle in all of life,
is through healing our relationship to the outer woman.

We are creating a conscious culture of awake sisterhood, together.
For the benefit of all.

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