Ursa Teoh

The High Priestess of White Fire of The Divine Mother

Her Soul is connected to a vast network of Higher Consciousness that knows what she came here to evolve into. By walking on synchronicity, 'fated' opportunities, and links to experiences that spark her into spiritual fullness.

She is very aware now, she is being asked to rebirth her sacred knowledge, wisdom and healing gifts to anchor a blend of ancient and new Goddess vibrations into Earth

Blossoming Shakti, Blooming in Soul

Walking in the walk of sacred beauty and uniqueness

She is arising with her sacred and creative feminine initiated leadership.

She is a contemporary artist and inspirational writer

She is an intuitive healer and devotional spiritual teacher

She is a remarkable and awe-inspiring woman and mother

She brings a new form of Shakti, an updated form for our age – in a way – the sacredness of the Divine Mother into the context, into the life by purity of rituals and the beauty of sacredness.

Her creative art, inspirational writing, intuitive healing and spiritual guarding have touched and transformed bountiful hearts and souls.

She feels deeply and profoundly, for she is that heart-felt Being, who creates with great love, and all whose lives she touches can drink from the eternal fountain of the Divine Mother and find the love that is expressed in trillion of million ways.

She loves what she does, she does what she loves. She embraces abundance in all its forms.

She is ascended right at here living out her divine truth in her innermost soul and the magnificence of her soul beauty and uniqueness.

Now, she claims and glory of her full Goddess hood and womanhood, yet open, vulnerable, authentic, real, honesty and in her higher soul love.

She stands fearless and firmly rooted in Mother Earth, as she is firmly rooted in the Divine Cosmos.

Many lifetimes of pulling herself through ritual after ritual, rite after rite, initiation after initiation, she is very aware now, and returns with her sacred feminine power for a reason.

She plants her bare feet on the soul of earth, opens her sacred channels and subtly speaks with the Ancient words of remembering with her new reclaiming:

“Yes! I am ready to reconnect to my origin, living flame of love, being here to be seen and to be unveiled!”

She begins to come alive to Her Shakti Essence. This is a conscious, intelligent, prescient, truthful and profoundly transformative energy, the divine truth of herself, ascended vibrations of the sacred feminine that she carries along.

With her continuous intensively development, she gives away her aesthetically and spiritually services to others as the gifts to herself and to the world:

Contemporary Artist for creative art making

(intuitive writing, drawing, painting, print making, installation)

Intuitive Art Teacher and Facilitator

 (Blossoming Shakti Art Retreat / Paint Your Sacred Mandala Workshop /

Creative Children Untaught Art Workshop etc.)

Spiritual Teacher of the Holy Fire Tradition

(leading The Path into Light and Akasha Sacred Beauty Ambassador)


 (Akasha Sacred / The Sacred Beauty Healing / Gauri Gattha /
Shiva Shakti Lotus Healing / Apha Chi Fengshui / Atlantyis Crystal Healing / The Priest / The Warrior)