Agni about Light Centers:

"In times of upheaval and transformation it is necessary to create places of contemplation and peace. Among other things, it is the task of Light Centers to provide such places for people.

There, integrated into the daily procedure of meditation, prayer and chanting as an expression of divine praise, everybody can remember their true being.

Here, where you cannot be diverted by the activities of the exterior world, you can experience and live orientation towards your own divine light. It is necessary that many Light Centers are established on earth, so as to form a common network of light.

The Light Centers support mankind in the time of darkness, of chaos, of confusion and lack of peace. They encourage every single person to bring their own light into the world and to create from their own love.

Light Centers are places where we can again come into contact with the true reason for our being. Here, we receive training, support and guidance.

Always connected with all of you in love.

Here we learn to remember our origin:
We are happy.
We are love.
We are light.Type your paragraph here.