pmp7 nights White Goddess Shakti Fire Retreat

@Shakti Dharma Center

Shakti - Goddess of creative power and fertility.

Shakti is a Goddess and personification of creative power and fertility. She bestowed her healing spirit into the womb and regenerative energy of every female of every species of the earth.

We honour each New and Fullmoon Moon with this sacred fire ceremony.

Join us at the Shakti Dharma Centre on:

  • Thurs- Wed 22-28th Feb 2017(7:30 to 9:30pm)


         Sunday 26th Feb 2017 (6:30 to 9:00pm)

Fee : RM 150

The Shakti Fire is a holy fire ceremony. It invites the pure female creation energy from the heavenly spheres to Earth, so that it can take its hereditary place on Earth again and be part of the manifestation of the Golden Age on Earth.

The healing and balancing of your own male and female creation energy can be supported during the Shakti Fire Ceremony.

This is a participative ceremony ~ you are welcome to bring flowers, olive oil and rice and give these to the Shakti Fire Priestess so that she can put them into the fire.

Anyone can join. I am looking forward to celebrating with you the Divinity of the Day.

For more information contact

Ursa Teoh
016- 333 5779